Hiring Models

Our Hiring Models

We have a team of Certified Magento Developers skill proven with Mangento’s high standard for back end and front end technology. Developers having an in-depth understanding of Magento and proficiency in execution are required as the complexity involved in coding as well as in the hosting of such upscale infrastructure.. Magento certificates of our developers assure our clients that whom they are working and how the developer is working.

Hourly Model

  • Buy for Minimum 20 hours and use as when required.
  • Our assurance to serve developers as when you required.
  • No commitment from your side is needed.
  • Rate includes the developer and project manager.
  • Loyal to our emergency support
  • Get a regular time-sheet of working hours on a project.
Hire Developer
Hire Developer

Time and Material

  • Most preferable model for ongoing work and when scope is not fixed.
  • This is a significant model for companies doing good business.
  • We always assign Magento Certified Developers in this model.
  • Day-to-day time sheets with number of hours for task.
  • Reporting & Approvals
  • Projects start with primary specifications and further on.
  • Live Tracking and On Time delivery.
  • This model is applicable while making plugins or complicated tasks.
Hire Developer
Hire Developer

Committed Developer

  • Dedicated resources can be hired from us.
  • Examine our work pattern by providing certain hours of pilot project or take an interview.
  • This model is available for medium-large agencies who want to hire developers at a cheaper rate.
  • Developer will be part of your team and you can provide them your mail id too.
  • Dedicated project manager.
  • Minimum commitment of 3 months.
  • 24/7 support & maintenance.
  • Only Certified Developers are assigned.
Hire Developer
Hire Developer

Fixed Price Project

  • This model is for the one who has a clear scope of tasks required.
  • Essential lists of specs need to be availed to us for the same.
  • We provide you with a fixed time and cost for completion of tasks.
  • No hidden cost.
  • Guarantee for months if any error in development by us.
  • Dedicated Project Manager.
Hire Developer
Hire Developer

At MagentoNinja Developers are

Professional at work

At MagentoNinja, Magento Developers work professionally and precise for each and every module integration.

Exceptional Communication Bond

Our developers always keep updating each step of the development process to the clients through the communications channel.

Reliable Developers

The developers which are hired by clients will dedicatedly work on their projects to deliver desired results.


Our Magento developer Serves

  • Outline for implementation.
  • Customized any of certified existing modules of Magento.
  • Improvised the E-commerce website speed.
  • Always keep up the serve performance optimization.
  • Conduct mandatory training in a regular time interval.
  • As per latest requirements custom the development modules.
  • Migrate and update the existing module to the latest version.
  • Constantly keep checking on updates from Magento.
  • Additional support on a daily basis.

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